Benefits of Long Island Group Therapy

It takes a lot of emotional strength to share your issues and concerns with a stranger. Everyone that steps foot in my office is already successful in their own right, because of how hard it is for someone to go out and seek help. If you’re able to get the strength to come to my office and tell me about your personal thoughts and feelings, you’re on a great path towards recovery.

But it’s because of how hard it is for people to tell ONE person about their problems that many find it nearly impossible to talk about their feelings in a group setting. I hold a variety of group therapy sessions in Long Island and I can tell you that for most, group therapy can be harder than individual therapy, because even though you don’t have to talk as often, you do have to talk, and speaking up when others are around you can be very difficult.

Group Therapy Benefits

Yet despite the difficulties, group therapy actually has a lot of benefits. While it is not necessarily a replacement for individual therapy, there are reasons that a group therapy session may help you in ways that individual therapy may not. Benefits include:

  • “Not Alone” Feeling – For many, the greatest benefit is simply feeling as though you’re not alone. Mental health and stress can make you feel like you’re the only one suffering. But when you hear the stories of others, right in front of you, and their struggles, bravery, courage, pitfalls, etc., you’ll no longer feel like you’re alone in your own challenges.
  • Accountability – When you have more people that expect to see you each week and are invested in your recovery, it adds another layer of accountability that can be very beneficial for overcoming your struggles. When you get to know people in your group sessions, you’ll start to feel like you “owe” them a better life, and that can be very helpful for your long term happiness.
  • Cost – Group therapy sessions are often more affordable. This can be very beneficial for those that are concerned about overall costs and their ability to continue the therapy for an extended period of time. The longer you can stay in therapy, the better your success rate will be.
  • Different Perspectives – One of the struggles with mental health is that it’s often hard to see outside of your own bubble. How you feel tends to feel like the “right” way to feel. But group therapy gives you different perspectives to consider that may be beneficial in helping you better understand your own issues.
  • Supportive Environment – Finally, group therapy provides a level of social support not always seen in other settings. Social support is one of the key indicators in a successful recovery.

Individual therapy is a very effective way to treat any issues affecting your life. But group therapy has several benefits as well. Contact me today at (516) 732-0273 to find out more about my Long Island group therapy sessions or to book an appointment.