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Social Anxiety Therapy | Social Anxiety in Long Island, Garden City, Lawrence, and More

Social Anxiety Therapy

Social Anxiety in Long Island, Garden City, Lawrence, and More

Social anxiety is more than shyness. It’s an overwhelming sense of anxiety in social situations, often with both physical and mental symptoms that make the very idea of being social something that causes fear and stress.

We as human beings thrive on social interactions, and when you struggle with social anxiety, every component of your life tends to suffer:

  • It’s hard to create and maintain relationships
  • It’s hard to move up at work
  • It’s hard to have exciting experiences


Social anxiety can be all consuming, and when you are struggling with social anxiety in the Long Island area, it’s important to seek help. In my psychotherapy practice, I can work with you on developing the skills to control your social anxiety as well as the tools to branch out socially, and as you start to grow, I can help work with you on confidence and self-esteem to help you continue to make progress.

I use Dynamic Experiential Learning to approach your social anxiety treatment, which involve components of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theory, and positive psychology to give you the tools that you need to overcome your social anxiety and the self-doubt you experience when you’re out in public. I’ll also show you how to control the symptoms of social anxiety, and the panic attacks that may affect you in social situations.

Your Greater Long Island Social Anxiety Psychologist

With offices in Garden City and Lawrence, I am within a short drive of many areas on Long Island, such as Westbury, Oceanside, Merrick, Great Neck, Roslyn, Rockville Centre and Floral Park, and if you’re struggling with any type of anxiety, including social anxiety, it’s important that you start making progress as soon as possible. Call me today at (516) 732-0273, and let’s start working towards a more social future.