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Panic Disorder | Treatment for Panic Attacks in Long Island

Panic Disorder

Something is wrong. You can feel it. Your heartbeat is rising. You’re having trouble breathing. Your chest may hurt. You’re feeling weak, almost like you’re going to faint. You don’t know what’s happening – or maybe you do, but what if this time is different? What if this time something is seriously wrong? Oh no, what if you are about to…

… and then it slowly starts to go away, leaving you drained, stressed, and possibly depressed, knowing that it is likely to happen again and there is little it seems you can do to stop it.

Living with Panic Attacks Can Be Devastating

Panic attacks are severe mental and physical anxiety events that can hit at any moment and be debilitating when they hit. For some, they lead to severe health anxiety, with many believing that something is, or must be, terribly physically wrong with them. For others, they may simply feel an intense fear that they cannot explain, but feel as though doom is about to occur.

Panic attacks are already a significant anxiety problem. When you experience more than one panic attack, or you live in constant fear that another panic attack may occur, you may have panic disorder, and panic disorder often requires a professional treatment in order to control future panic attacks.

Benefits of Working with a Long Island Therapist

In many ways, there is no more overwhelming psychological experience than a panic attack, and unfortunately one of the problems with panic attacks is that they are self-fulfilling – the more you fear experiencing another panic attack, the more likely they are to occur.

As a Long Island psychologist, I have worked with many people struggling with panic attacks and panic disorder. If you’re struggling with panic, call me today at (516) 732-0273. Together, we’ll work on providing you with a treatment for your panic attacks, including:

  • What to do to decrease the severity of your panic attacks.
  • How to control your response to panic attacks.
  • Strategies to control the fear of experiencing a panic attack.

Panic attacks can be beaten, and panic disorder can be controlled. But it is a process. You’ll have to start slowly addressing the components of panic attacks, learning tools to help you through the symptoms, and ultimately learn to overcome this anxiety disorder. If you’re ready to get started, give me a call today to schedule your appointment.


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