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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Therapy | Anxiety Therapist Dr. Marc Shulman

It may not always seem that way, but anxiety is supposed to be a helpful condition. It is the activation of your fight or flight system. When faced with danger, your body activates hormones that increase your heartrate, rush you with energy, and prepare you to fight hard or run quickly.

But this highly effective system sometimes malfunctions, and causes the body to feel and act like it’s in danger even when no danger is present. This is known as anxiety, and those that deal with these issue frequently may have what’s known as “Generalized Anxiety Disorder,” or “GAD.”

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

GAD is essentially a persistent, mild anxiety that a person experiences frequently – sometimes every day. Although the anxiety can occasionally be severe, for most it is simply a feeling of anxiousness that doesn’t seem to go away, and is experienced even when a person should feel relaxed.

Symptoms of GAD may be physical or mental. Those with GAD may worry all the time or imagine worst case scenarios will occur. They may also simply feel on edge – shaking, sweating, experiencing a racing heartbeat, and other physical symptoms. Some people experience a mix of both.

Though people with GAD may experience symptoms differently, everyone with the disorder generally feels like anxiety is negatively affecting their life, and that they cannot seem to control it.

How is Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treated?

Anxiety is a highly treatable condition, especially generalized anxiety disorder. Within my anxiety therapy services in Long Island, we focus on you as an individual, and work on strategies that include:

  • What may have “primed” you to experience more anxiety.
  • What your thoughts are when you have anxiety.
  • What coping mechanisms may work better for reducing anxiety, and more.

Using an approach called Dynamic Experiential Learning, we’ll look at your past, present, and future to determine why you’re struggling with generalized anxiety disorder, and determine a treatment that will work best based on who you are as a person.

I have two offices available, one in Garden City and one in Lawrence, allowing me to be conveniently located for those that need help. If you feel like you may be struggling with anxiety and would like someone to talk to in order to treat it, please give me a call today at (516) 732-0273 to schedule your first appointment.