Anger Management in Long Island with Dr. Marc Shulman

We experience a wide range of emotions. Of all of our emotions, anger is the one that has little positive value in our lives. It can cause rash thinking, aggression, violence, and more, and tends to come very quickly – ruining positive emotions almost instantly and affecting the emotions of everyone around you.

Some anger in life is typical. But if you feel that you or someone you love is angry often, you may be struggling with anger management, and you may benefit from anger management counseling.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a therapy process designed to help people control their anger. Anger is an extreme emotion. It is one that, even when faced with many challenges, should only happen infrequently. Other emotions, like sadness, loneliness, and frustration are negative emotions, but anger is one that is appropriate in extreme situations.

When someone experiences anger frequently, or when the anger becomes intense and uncontrollable, it can be an indication of an anger management issue.

How Long Island Anger Management Therapy Works

The treatment for problems with anger management is often therapy, as it is very difficult to control these negative emotions without addressing them systematically.

One of the specialties of my own Long Island practice is that we focus on the person as an individual, and develop a treatment plan based on your own specific needs. Often that calls for a solution that integrates CBT, or cognitive behavioral therapy.

With CBT, you learn new techniques to control the thought processes you experience when you become angry, and the behaviors you need to control during times of anger. We’ll also integrate other psychological treatments and tactics, such as looking at the underlying issues that drive the anger, as well as self-confidence, self-esteem, trust, and other potential contributors.

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Anger affects both you and your family, and it can be a severely challenging emotion for those that struggle with it. If you’re struggling with anger issues in Long Island, it might help to start talking to a psychologist that understands how to facilitate a resolution of these issues and make sure that you are moving forward positively in your life and your relationships.

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