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Alcohol Addiction Counseling on Long Island

Any unhealthy addiction put strain on your work and home life. But alcohol addiction – one of the most common addictions on all of Long Island – can often be one of the worst. Readily available and socially acceptable, it’s not uncommon for those that struggle with alcoholism to go years without seeking help, simply because it isn’t always easy to tell when alcohol addiction has become a problem.

Alcohol Addiction Therapy by Dr. Marc Shulman

As a Long Island psychologist and couples counselor, I am well aware of how alcohol can affect a person’s life, and how difficult it can be to seek help. Often those struggling with alcohol addiction only seek therapy when something bad happens:

  • They have received a DUI.
  • Their alcohol abuse has cause strain on their relationship.
  • Their alcohol use has affected their career.
  • They have received a poor health diagnosis related to alcohol.

But whether something bad has already occurred, or you simply know that you or a loved one needs help, therapy for alcohol addiction in Long Island can be a great way to break free from the habit and learn positive coping mechanisms to help you in the future.

Alcohol dependency can be complex. Those with the addiction may have many different struggles that make them use alcohol, including:

  • Trouble Coping – Some people use alcohol to cope with stress.
  • Social Activity – Some people depend on alcohol for their social life.
  • Self-Control – Some people struggle with the amount they drink.
  • Unwanted Memories – Some people drink to forget.

Within our therapy sessions, we’ll try to examine what pushed you to alcohol use, what causes you to continue, and what you can do to keep yourself in control. We’ll also look at complementary challenges – issues outside of alcohol that may be contributing to alcohol addiction. Finally, we’ll discuss ways to withstand pressure to drink, how to determine who to surround yourself with, and more.

Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a highly addictive substance, and unfortunately it has become very easy to develop an alcohol dependency without even realizing it, simply because of how alcohol can fit into a person’s life and culture.

Counseling and therapy is one of the best tools for teaching yourself how to control your alcohol use. If you are interested in learning more about alcohol addiction counseling, please call me today at 516-732-0273.