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Dr. Marc Shulman | Long Island Psychologist | Couples Counselor

Dr. Marc Shulman | Long Island Psychologist | Couples Counselor

doc-marc-shulmanMy name is Dr. Marc Shulman. I’m a Long Island psychologist and couples counselor with offices in both Garden City and Lawrence, NY, serving the greater Long Island area. My education and experience have enabled me to effectively work with people from various backgrounds, providing mental health support services for those struggling to cope with some of the challenges of life.

  • Do you feel like you can get more out of life?

  • Do you want to have more successful relationships?

  • Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself?

My career began as an Associate Research Scientist at Yale University, and I spent years developing a unique approach to therapy that addresses challenges in a targeted way and seeks effective solutions for your long-term mental health.

Everyone experiences challenges. My goal is to help you recognize and work through these challenges, and give you the tools that you need to start growing and maintaining your emotional health. My Long Island therapy services have helped many people live happier, more productive lives, and overcome additional obstacles they may face in the future.


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Every person deserves to have a happy life. But sometimes we face challenges along the way-challenges that can be overwhelming at times and in some cases even damaging to our emotional and physical well-being. When those challenges arise, you may benefit from a Long Island psychologist.

Many people across Long Island, New York struggle with their mental health, their relationships, or simply feel stuck in life, and there are times when it becomes difficult to break out of these struggles on your own. I offer services to help you on a happier path, including:

Individual Therapy and Counseling

For those that are struggling with depression, anxiety, work stress, addictions, or many of the mental health issues that affect men and women, young and old, my individual therapy services will help you sort out your life’s challenges.

Couples and Marriage Counseling

For those that are in relationships, those that are considering ending a relationship, and those that have already ended their relationship and need help moving forward, I act as a supportive, judgment free Long Island counselor.

Group Counseling

For those that benefit from the support, experiences, and perspectives of others, group counseling services are available for a variety of challenges.

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Specialty Areas:


Get More Pleasure From Life
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Couples / Marriage Counseling:

Treatment for Both Partners
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Individual Relationship Therapy:

Enhance Relationship Satisfaction
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Emerging Adults (18-20’S):

Transition Successfully into Adulthood
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Baby Boomers / Older Adults:

Achieve Happiness with Age
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Stop Self-Defeating Behavior
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Teen Therapy:

Navigate Through This Challenging Stage
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Group Therapy:

Get Support; Try Out New Ideas
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